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Assembly Planning Inspectorate must stop treating people in Roath as second class

September 15, 2009 9:30 AM
Cllr Rodney Berman

Cllr Rodney Berman

The Assembly Planning Inspectorate should stop regarding people in Roath as deserving of a lesser quality of life, according to Plasnewydd Liberal Democrat councillor Rodney Berman.

Councillor Berman echoed the frustration of many people living in the Roath area of Cardiff that planning applications for restaurants, pubs, take-aways and cafes in City Road, Albany Road and Wellfield Road are repeatedly being granted on appeal by the Assembly Planning Inspectorate - even when previously rejected by Cardiff Council's planning committee on the basis of council planning policies.

On behalf of local residents, he has written to the Assembly Minister with responsibility for planning - Labour's Jane Davidson - to ask if she will meet with a representative delegation of local residents to discuss how the Assembly Planning Inspectorate can be persuaded take a more responsive attitude to such applications that is more in tune with the views of the local community.

Councillor Berman said: "People in the area are becoming more and more frustrated that the council's hands are being increasingly tied, leaving us powerless to defend ourselves against an ever growing tide of restaurants, pubs, take-aways and cafes. Despite many local residents believing that saturation point in the area has long-since been reached, especially in City Road, the council is being repeatedly thwarted in its attempts to stop the problem worsening ever further.

"The council is being left to play the role of King Canute whilst the Assembly Planning Inspectorate turns on the wave machine against us - frequently telling us that people in the area can't expect the same level of residential amenity as those in other city suburbs. People in Roath are, however, becoming ever more fed up with this attitude which seems to imply we are second-class citizens who only deserve a second-class quality of life. Quite frankly, we've had enough.

"Why should we keep putting up with ever-worsening problems with parking and congestion, such as from people parking on double-yellow lines or in parking bays intended for residents only whilst visiting an ever-growing number of eating and drinking establishments?

"Why should we put up with more and more litter on our streets dropped by more and more people visiting more and more takeaways?

"Why should we keep putting up with more and more late-night disturbance from more and more people going to and from more and more eating and drinking establishments? Don't people in Roath have the same right to a decent night's sleep as everybody else?"