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Local Liberal Democrats demand action on MPs' expenses

September 8, 2009 12:00 AM
John Dixon by Westminster

Cardiff North's Lib Dem Parliamentary spokesman, John Dixon, has made a three-point pledge on MPs' expenses.

Local Lib Dem Parliamentary Campaigner, John Dixon, has pledged to clean up politics in Cardiff North in response to the recent scandal over MPs' expenses.

In a three point pledge to everyone in the constituency, John has promised a clean, open and fair approach to expenses if he is elected to represent us at the next General Election.

John Dixon has pledged to:

• Publish expenses online and in a yearly report to all constituents.

• Refuse to claim for mortgage payments, groceries or furniture.

• Appoint a panel of independent people to review all expenses.

John told us: "Like everyone else, I am appalled at the revelations about MPs' expenses. People should enter politics to make a difference to people's lives, not to fill their pockets. We need urgent reform of the system."

John added: "People across our area will want to know exactly what candidates will do if elected to serve us. I hope that my pledges will show that I want to go to Parliament to improve our area, not to improve my bank balance."

Llandaff North councillor, Jacqui Hooper, said: "The Lib Dems understand that the expenses system needs reforming. We want to know what people think about the issue so we can campaign for the system to be changed."