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Gabalfa councillors thank local residents after re-election delight

2008 Mai 2 9:00 AM
Cllr. Cathy Pearcy & Cllr. Ed Bridges

Cllr. Cathy Pearcy and Cllr. Ed Bridges have been re-elected as councillors for Gabalfa ward with an increased majority.

Ed Bridges and Cathy Pearcy were re-elected as local councillors for Gabalfa ward last night with an increased majority.

The pair, who took 55% of the vote in the area, thanked local residents after the victory, hailing the people of Gabalfa as "the best boss in the world".

Cllr. Cathy Pearcy said: "We ran a positive campaign based on our record, and people on the doorstep seemed genuinely appreciative of our work. The number of people who thanked us for our efforts and wished us luck for the election was overwhelming, and we appreciated every single one of those votes of confidence."

Cllr. Ed Bridges added: "I'd like to thank the people of Gabalfa for putting their faith in us once again. Four years ago, we promised to try and repay that faith, and we will continue to do so for the next four years. The people of Gabalfa truly are the best boss in the world."


Ed Bridges (Lib Dem), 999 - elected

Cathy Pearcy (Lib Dem), 891 - elected

Dilwar Ali (Lab), 371

Joe Monks (Lab), 313

Matthew Lane (Con), 217

Vivienne Ward (Con), 211

Brian Coman (Plaid), 175

Rosa Thomas (Green), 129

Anthony Evans (Plaid), 111

Lib Dem hold with 55% of the vote (+3%).