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2007 Ebrill 24 12:00 AM
Ed Bridges and John Dixon at Llanishen Police Station

John Dixon and Ed Bridges are demanding a fair deal for our local police after shock figures reveal that Labour are short-changing Wales.

Shocking new figures uncovered by the Welsh Liberal Democrats show that Wales is losing out on more than £50 million of police funding every year - enough to pay for more than 1,000 extra police officers.

Under Home Office spending plans, Wales receives 5.2% of police funding for England and Wales - 0.69% less than it receives for other funding areas. That difference adds up to an extra £50m next year.

Local Lib Dem Assembly candidate, Ed Bridges said: "Wales is being short-changed on a shocking scale. We are missing out on the equivalent of more than 1,000 additional police officers."

John Dixon added: "We are serious about tackling crime and want a fair deal for our local police."